The strong organizers of WordCamp Asia 2020

“Those who help create something awesome are awesome!”
WordCamp Asia is round the corner. Would you not want to meet the ones who made it happen? The ones who are spending their time dedicating themselves onto building the biggest WordPress community gathering in whole of asia?
Well we got them here. Just read on.

The Team Leads

Naoko Takano – Global Lead

Avatar of Naoko Takano
Naoko has been co-organizing WordCamps in Tokyo since 2008. She is always thinking of ways to spread WordPress to the part of the world where English is not their first language.
Japan / @naokomc /

Pantip T. (Nok) – Local Leads

Avatar of Pantip T. (Nok)
Nok has joined the WordPress Community in Bangkok since 2014. She was a lead organiser of WCBKK 2019. Meetup co-organiser. Global community deputy team. Yoga and kitchen are her retreats.
Thailand / @l3eaver /

The Design Dudes

Boy Witthaya S.

Avatar of Boy Witthaya S.
Boy is a graphic designer who can code. He’s ♥ about making design, hand-crafted websites and brands better. Connecting people and technology. Co-organising meetups and WordCamps in Bangkok. Contribute to Make WordPress #design and #docs team.
Thailand / @ibdz /

Junko Nukaga

Avatar of Junko Nukaga
Junko works on the WordPress Community Team. She was the lead organizer of WordCamp Kansai 2014 and the co-organizer of WordCamp Ogijima 2018. She lives on an island called Ogijima in Japan and runs a private library. Her profession is a web designer and photographer.
Japan @nukaga /

Daiya Morita

Avatar of Daiya Morita
Daiya is a digital marketer and occasional developer working with WordPress sites.  He was involved in organizing WordCamp Hong Kong 2019.
Hong Kong

Chiaki Kouno

Avatar of Chiaki Kouno
Chiaki is a Japanese website developer and a marketer. She was one of the organisers of WordCamp Ogijima 2018 and WordCamp Hong Kong 2019. Loves Hong Kong local food and WordPress.
Hong Kong @chiaki_kouno

The Budgeting Bosses

JC Palmes

Avatar of JC Palmes
JC is a front-end engineer at WebDevStudios. She’s the lead organizer of WordCamp Iloilo 2018 and 2019 and WordPress Iloilo Meetup Group. She speaks at and holds workshops in local WordCamps and is a proud supporter of more women and diversity in tech. She can be summed up in three words: WordPress, Coffee, and Unicorn.
Philippines / @jpalmes /

Watcharapon Charoenwongjongdee (Aum)

Avatar of Watcharapon Charoenwongjongdee (Aum)
Aum is a WordPress Developer and a Product Owner of He has been contributing to WordPress community for 4 years and was also involved in organising WordCamp Bangkok 2019.

Shakir Ali

Avatar of Shakir Ali
Shakir Ali is a Senior Systems Engineer at 10UP and an AWS certified solutions architect associate. With more than 11 years of experience, he is mostly working on setting up scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure for WordPress websites. He is active in WordPress communities in Pakistan, both as a speaker and an organiser.
Pakistan / @engrshakir / 10UP

The Communication Champs

Sam Suresh

Avatar of Sam Suresh
Sam Suresh is the founder of MU DOT MY PLT, a tech development & training company based in Kuala Lumpur. He contributes to the WordPress Global community team. Sam completed 5KM ocean swimming in 2018!
Malaysia / @samsureshx /

Devin Maeztri

Avatar of Devin Maeztri
Devin has been actively involved in WordCamps and Meetups in Jakarta and Bali. She is also an avid contributor to WordPress Bahasa Indonesia translation effort. She’s a cat lover who is currently working on building a more vibrant WP community in Indonesia.
Indonesia / @DMaeztri /

Bella Ratmelia

Avatar of Bella Ratmelia
Bella has 4 years worth of experience in helping people in academia and non-profit organisation to use and leverage on WordPress. She is also one of the organisers for WordCamp Singapore 2016, 2017, and 2019.
Singapore / @bellaratmelia /

Utsav Singh Rathour

Avatar of Utsav Singh Rathour
Utsav runs a digital agency based in Nepal powered by WordPress. He also owns and runs a few theme and plugin companies. He likes to call himself a WordPress enthusiast. When not writing codes, you might find him following his newfound love of vlogging.
Nepal @rathour /

The Contributor Day Collios

Aditya Kane

Avatar of Aditya Kane
Aditya works on the WordPress Community Team. He has lived much of his life in the two cities of Mumbai and Pune in India, and has been involved with WordCamps in both cities.
India @adityakane /

Khoi Nguyen

Avatar of Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen is a WordPress Developer since 2011. He actively contributes to the Vietnamese WordPress Community as Locale Manager since mid-2018 and provides support for meetups in Hanoi. He is also a Technical Leader at Solis Lab Co. Ltd – a creative agency that produces WordPress websites for famous brands in New York and Australia.
Vietnam / @khoiprodotcom

Mayo Moriyama

Avatar of Mayo Moriyama
Mayo is a freelance front-end engineer from Japan, where almost 80% of CMS websites use WordPress. She started her career in Cambodia helping the tourism industry and NGOs in building and creating their web sites. In 2013, she returned to Tokyo and joined the local WordPress community, became a translator, a Meetup organizer and a lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2014.

Ugyen Dorji

Avatar of Ugyen Dorji
Ugyen is from Bhutan, He works for ServMask Inc. He is responsible for the Quality Assurance process for All-in-One WP Migration plugin and WordPress Meetup Thimphu, Bhutan. Ugyen is an active contributor to the WordPress community.
Bhutan@ugyendzodorji /

The Venue Warriors

Pathompong Sangkajit (Nomu)

Avatar of Pathompong Sangkajit (Nomu)
Nhum or Nomu is a Front-end Developer who started using WordPress in 2007 on his blog He joined the local WordPress community in 2016. Currently, he is working as a Front-end Designer at 724 Market and Donjai Media Plus company.
Thailand / @inhumba /

Weerawan Phalee (Leena)

Avatar of Weerawan Phalee (Leena)
Leena is a freelance web developer. She started using WordPress in 2012 and joined the WordPress community 3 years ago. Always happy to chat about WordPress, she’s glad to be a part of the WordPress community and is eager to help it grow stronger.
Thailand @leenanaja

Karun Jaraslertsuwan (Tong/Tony)

Avatar of Karun Jaraslertsuwan (Tong/Tony)
Tony has been a web developer for about 10 years. He loves WordPress so much and is glad to have joined the WordPress community that has given him many opportunities to learn, share, and improve his skill.

Shinichi Nishikawa

Avatar of Shinichi Nishikawa
Shinichi lives on a small island with 160 people in Japan. Before that, he used to live in Bangkok for 2.5 years, and before that in Tokyo. He has three kids, 2 dogs with his wife.
Japan / @shinichiN

Sutisa J. (Ize)

Avatar of Sutisa J. (Ize)
Ize is a UX designer of software house company based on Bangkok. She was a volunteer of WordCamp Bangkok 2019, which inspired her to get more involved with the WordPress community as a Thai polyglot member. She is a joyful person; you can greet and chat with her anything about arts!

The Social Studds

Joe Guilmette

Avatar of Joe Guilmette
Joe originally joined the WordPress community so that he could work online and move to Bangkok. He is thrilled to be able to organize social events for WordCamp Asia to give the community a taste of the city that he has grown to love. On the professional side, Joe is the product manager for WP All Import, WP Sandbox, and
Thailand / @travlbum

Cylis Vaidya

Avatar of Cylis Vaidya
Cylis is originally from Nepal but has called Bangkok his home since 2005. He is the co-founder and a front-end developer at Dots 2 Dashes focusing on custom theme development. Additionally, he is a web development instructor at Web Courses Bangkok and a translation contributor to the WordPress Nepali team.

The Speaker Seekers

Niels Lange

Avatar of Niels Lange
Niels works as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic where he provides support for customers. Outside work he organises WordCamps and WordPress Meetups both in Europe and Asia.
Indonesia / @codenex /

Rahul Bansal

Avatar of Rahul Bansal
Rahul is the Founder & CEO of rtCamp – an enterprise WordPress VIP partner agency based in India and the USA. He was an organizer for WordCamp Pune 2015 & 2017.
India @rahul286 /

Usman Khalid

Avatar of Usman Khalid
Usman is the lead organizer for Pakistan’s first Wordcamp, WordCamp Karachi 2018. He is also a co-organiser for WordCamp Asia 2020 and runs local WordPress Community in Karachi. He is the co-founder of WordPress Agency WPJIT focuses on Publishers, Memberships and Ecommerce Industry and DevOps Engineer at Cloudifie (Cloud Consultancy based in London). Usman is the first and only Community Deputy from Pakistan at WordPress Foundation. He also leads a CMX Community in Karachi Chapter. Usman loves DevOps, Cloud, WordPress, and traveling! You can find him at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Sponsor Bouncers

Jon Ang

Avatar of Jon Ang
Jon is the Documentation Lead of WordPress and a component maintainer for the Core team. He also regularly speaks at events and helps with new local WordCamps in the region.
On the professional side – he’s the Director of Sales for Human Made – an award-winning Enterprise WordPress agency creating the digital success of the likes of TechCrunch, NewsUK, RedBull and Capgemini.
Singapore / @kenshino

Andy Saw

Avatar of Andy Saw
Andy is the Product Manager of WPWebHost. He’s passionate about running WordCamp events; he is a co-organiser for WordCampKL18/19 and local WordPress Meetup.
Malaysia / @andysawck /

Ali Basheer

Avatar of Ali Basheer
Ali is an experienced WordPress developer, wpBeirut meetup organizer, and do_action Beirut hackathon co-organizer.
Lebanon / @alibasheer /

Perth Woratana N.

Avatar of Perth Woratana N.
Perth is a data science & data engineer consultant with a background in digital product development. He is passionate about sharing what he has learned, and believe giving back to the society will make the world a better place. He has been co-organizing meetups and WordCamps in Bangkok.
Australia & Thailand / @woraperth /

Susumu Seino

Avatar of Susumu Seino
Susumu is a digital marketer and front-end engineer from Japan.
He was born in Tokyo and joined the local WordPress community in 2013. He is a Meetup organizer and a lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2014 and 2015.

The Volunteer Vikings

Ivan Kristianto

Avatar of Ivan Kristianto
Ivan is a Senior Web Engineer at 10up and a Google Developer Expert in Web Technology. As part of the team, his focus is mainly in the content publishing platform. He’s active in the Indonesian Web and Technology communities as speakers and event co-organisers.
Indonesia / @ivankrisdotcom /

Yuli Yang

Avatar of Yuli Yang
Yuli is a mother of 2 working as a freelancer for WordPress development. She has been co-organizing meetups and WordCamps in Taiwan since 2017. She loves solving problems and learning new things in the process.
Taiwan / @YuliYang_Ching /

Yam B Chhetri

Avatar of Yam B Chhetri
Yam is the Co-founder of Web Experts Nepal, an outsourcing and custom WordPress site Development Company and Theme Palace, which offers Nepal’s first curated WordPress Theme Marketplace. When not working, you can find him hanging out with the young generation of tech enthusiasts talking about WordPress, entrepreneurship, his experiences, and inspirations.
Nepal / @yambiography /

Sutham Thammawong (Pom)

Avatar of Sutham Thammawong (Pom)
Pom is a Senior User Experience Designer who fell in love with WordPress in 2011. He loves to talk with people and share his experience in user experience research, Agile, Scrum and product development. He was a speaker in WordCamp Bangkok 2019 sharing about his research in the usability of WordPress”. He also teaches User Experience Design class at Skooldio and Prince of Songkla University International College.

The Website Wizards

Dreb Bits

Avatar of Dreb Bits
Dreb engineers websites at 10up; helping spread news and words about WordPress in Davao and in the Philippines ??. He’s also a WordPress global community contributor ?.
Philippines / @drebbits /

Vannkorn Tepken

Avatar of Vannkorn Tepken
Vannkorn is a Cambodian WordPress Community Lead, a co-founder at CAMWP DEV, and one of the Translation Editors of Khmer Language on WordPress.
Cambodia / @vannkorn /

Nidhi Jain

Avatar of Nidhi Jain
Nidhi is a passionate WordPress Developer and has been active in WordPress community since 2014; she speaks at WordCamps, contributes to WordPress core, co-organised WordCamp Udaipur 2017, and was a lead organiser for WordCamp Udaipur 2018. She has been the winner of Kim Parsell Memorial scholarship 2018. India / @jainnidhi03 /

Lincoln Islam

Avatar of Lincoln Islam
Lincoln is the Founder of CodeRex – A WordPress Agency based in Dhaka. He has over seven years of experience with Open source projects and contributing them actively. Lincoln is very passionate about WordPress Community meetups & organizing WordCamps. ??Bangladesh / @coderexco /

The Attendees Amazers

JEAB Panjarat S.

Avatar of JEAB Panjarat S.
JEAB is an energetic & cheerful woman who likes Technology & Arts. She is currently working as Project Manager in an IT Company.
Thailand /

Bigul Malayi

Avatar of Bigul Malayi
Bigul hailed from Kerala, India and started his web development journey as a PHP developer in 2005. He has been working with WordPress since 2008, and from 2012 January onwards, he has been working at OnTheGo Systems (the makers of WPML & Toolset) as QA & Support Analyst. Bigul credits WordPress as his bread and butter and is active as a co-organiser for WordPress Kochi and WordPress Kozhikode meetups.
India / @mbigul
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