Season 1 – WC Gran Canaria

The first season of WP Shoutout kicked off with our shouter Vineet Talwar interviewing live from WordCamp Gran Canaria which was held from 23rd to 25th February 2018.

Episode 1 : 24th March 2018- Rocio Valdivia
Episode 2 : 31st March 2018 – Carlos Mora
Episode 3 :14th April 2018 – Mario Wolf
Episode 4 : 21st April 2018 – Sven Lehnert
Episode 5 : 28th April 2018 – Fernando Tellado

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WP Shoutout is a podcast (Previously an online radio show on FireMud FM) powered by WordPress. WP Shoutout was initially started when FireMud caught pace and we decided to contribute to the community by talking to some prominent and some new members of the community to see how they go about with their work. We intended people to learn from the. WPShoutOut is now evolving into an independent podcast.

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Jayman Pandya

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