WC Gran Canaria 2018


1. Gran Canaria Promo

About Album

The first season of WP Shoutout kicked off live from WordCamp Gran Canaria, held from 23th to 25th February 2018. With a location that could make you want to stay there forever, our shouter Vineet Talwar met some of the most amazing and talented developers/marketers and most importantly, people

Artist: Vineet Talwar

Label: Gran Canaria

Release Date: March 24, 2018

People: Rocio Valdivia, Carlos Mora, Mario Wolf, Sven Lenhert, Fernando Tellado

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Album Reviews

 For me WordPress is more about the community. If you are ever stuck, the community is there to help you. Always remember that. 

Rocio Valdivia

 I believe if you have an idea start building it. Don't think much about it that "oh its still young and it won't grow. Start building it. It will grow." 

Sven Lenhert